Eco Books 4 Kids - Jennifer Harrington Animals in the Attic
Eco Books 4 Kids - Jennifer Harrington Animals in the Attic

Animals in the Attic


Written by Benjamin Ringshall & Jennifer Harrington. Illustrated by Jennifer Harrington.

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Jake is a young boy living happily with his dad in their lakeside home, until one winter night he begins to hear strange sounds up above him. As the noises get louder and louder each night, Jake becomes convinced that wild creatures must be living in their attic! But his father thinks he is just imagining things, so Jake must endure the strange noises that keep him awake every night. Meanwhile, the animal party in the attic is getting really out of hand! Jake will have to do his own investigating to find out what’s really going on. Filled with fun sound effects and hilarious illustrations, Animals in the Attic explores the problems of urban animals in an uproariously funny fashion. An entertaining look-find comes in the form of a tiny spider hidden on every page. Our educational section gives insight into each animals’ life-cycle and behaviours, and offers advice on what to do if you happen find these Canadian animals visiting your home or yard! 

Animals in the Attic is a hilarious and engaging read for children ages 3-7.


10.25 x 9.75"

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