It has recently come to the attention of the Audain Art Museum (AAM) Shop that an individual who sold works under the assumed name of Harvey John has falsely claimed Indigenous ancestry. The AAM Shop received Harvey John works in good faith from a wholesale supplier who’s product was respected in the BC arts community and the AAM is troubled by this news. When notified of the situation the AAM Shop immediately severed ties with the supplier and this counterfeit Northwest Coast-style art has been permanently removed from the Shop’s inventory.


Anyone who has purchased a Harvey John item from the AAM Shop has the opportunity to return the item to the Museum Shop by December 31, 2021 for a full refund. Please contact Sonya Lebovic to arrange drop off or shipping to the Museum.


Purchasers are welcome to keep the piece and forgo the refund.


For more information, please contact Museum Shop & Admissions Manager, Sonya Lebovic at [email protected] 

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