Jin-me Yoon: Life & Work
Jin-me Yoon: Life & Work

Jin-me Yoon: Life & Work


Hardcover book by Ming Tiampo (Author), Sara Angel (Introduction) detailing Jin-me Yoon's Life and Work.

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In Jin-me Yoon: Life & Work, Ming Tiampo reveals how Yoon's multidisciplinary art-which includes photography, video, performance, and installation-reconnects troubled pasts with damaged presents to create the conditions for a better future. This new title considers how one of Canada's most important voices developed a critical perspective on the dissemination of national narratives through tourism and art history with iconic works such as Souvenirs of the Self, 1991, and A Group of Sixty-Seven, 1996, which, as Tiampo notes, have become "canonical touchstones in the public articulation of Canadian identity and race."


Yoon's earliest works questioned the construction of self and other, unpacking stereotypical assumptions and dominant discourses on gender and sexuality, culture and ethnicity, and citizenship and nationhood. Adopting a wider and wider lens over time, her recent works investigate entangled global relations of colonialism, tourism, and militarism, unearthing difficult histories and connecting them to our present circumstances. Ultimately, her stirring art asks us to reimagine our relationships to each other and to the planet in order to build more hopeful futures.


By Ming Tiampo

144 pages
8 x 10.9 inches
ISBN 9781487103040
The Canadian Art Library

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