Manabu Ikeda - Three Surfaces - Limited Edition Print
Manabu Ikeda - Three Surfaces - Limited Edition Print

Manabu Ikeda - Three Surfaces - Limited Edition Print


Limited edition unframed print of Three Surfaces by Manabu Ikeda

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Manabu Ikeda
Three Surfaces (2023)
archival pigment print on 100% cotton rag paper
image size: 20 x 26.5”
paper size: 22.5 x 29”
edition of 30, signed and numbered by the artist
$2,500 (unframed)

Known for his meticulously detailed pen-and-ink drawings, Manabu Ikeda seeks inspiration from his surroundings to bring attention and awe to viewers, as a way of sending warnings about the painful reality of environmental disasters. Central to his practice are metaphors of grief and the undeniable aspects of life that are often beyond society’s control, including the fundamental forces of Mother Nature. Ikeda’s drawings also reveal human resilience and the ability to rise above devastating situations when it appears impossible.

Three Surfaces explores undersea worlds and the French landmark and technological masterpiece: the Eiffel Tower. Arranged within three vertical worlds that are next to each other, Ikeda’s imagery indicates how the far-reaching impacts of human activities have made a diverse marine environment increasingly toxic to sea creatures and other organisms.

On the top level, you see the beautiful mountains, a lighthouse and rocky reefs that are visible from West Vancouver overlooking the Howe Sound, which are connected to the Eiffel Tower and a whale’s back below the water surface. Dust and garbage discharged from the industrial area in the world below float in the second layer of water where many fish, porpoises, jellyfish, orcas and whales live and eat. “The Eiffel Tower is often depicted in paintings as a symbol of human prosperity; however, it is difficult to know from the world above how the surrounding natural environment is in danger,” says the artist.

Manabu Ikeda
Born in Saga, Japan, Manabu Ikeda specializes in highly technical and detailed pen-and-ink drawings. Using a nib pen, Ikeda creates imagery on paper that reflects his interests in outdoor activities, popular culture, human civilization, and nature. Ikeda’s unique worldview and portrayal of entangled chaos in everyday life bring deeper meanings to his work. Ikeda has exhibited nationally and internationally, receiving critical acclaim for the exceptional quality of his artworks.

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